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Daily Capacity Narrative

News & Capacity Update


Welcome to National Fuel's Daily Capacity Narrative. Please check this page daily for interpretations of tables and notices posted elsewhere on our site.

Here's what you'll find in today's Narrative:


  • Section 1: Firm Capacity Offerings & Open Season

  • Section 2: Estimated Next Gas Day Capacity 

  • Section 4: Interruptible Service Opportunities 

Available Capacity is subject to change with each new nomination cycle and changes in weather or unexpected operational changes. For up-to-the-minute capacity information, please contact our T&E Department (phone: 716.827.2385, email: NFGSCscheduling@natfuel.com).


Tracey Williams

National Fuel Gas Supply Corporation

Daily Capacity Desk Phone: 716.857.7832

Instant Messaging (AOL)

Interruptible Opportunities:

Tracey Williams - williamst@natfuel.com

Primary Transportation & Storage:

Anthony Limina - nfglimina

Joe Kolis - nfg_kolis

Terry Falsone - nfgterry

*Note: As approved by FERC, the new NFGSC transportation, injection and withdrawal Fuel/LAUF rates effective June 1, 2017 are as follows:

Transportation Fuel & Company Use: 0.93%

Transportation LAUF: 0.39%

Storage Operating & LAUF: 0.82%



Section 1: Firm Capacity Offerings & Open Seasons


Available Firm Capacity:

For information on available firm capacity on our system, please refer to our Unsubscribed Firm Capacity page or call our Marketing Department at 716.857.7740 for more information.

If you would like a copy of your Contract Summary Report, please contact your marketing representative.

Open Seasons:

Open Seasons currently posted or anticipated are listed in the table below. You may also reference our Open Season Index page to view current and historical Open Seasons.


Notice Type


Closing Date  & Time


Open Season 221
May 11, 2017 5:00 PM (EDT)
Open Season 220
May 4, 2017 5:00 PM (EDT)
Open Season 219
February 23, 2017 4:00 PM (EST)
Open Season 218
February 9, 2017 4:00 PM (EST)


Project Information:

We also frequently update our project information area of the website, which you are welcome to review and solicit interest if desired. To access this portion of the website, please click here.


Shipper Opportunities :

To either solicit interest in buying capacity from another shipper, inform regular visitors of our website that you have idle capacity you are willing to sell, or to simply post a non-capacity related notice, we welcome you to use the Shipper Opportunities section on our Informational Postings page. If you would like to place an opportunity on our website, please email the exact language that you would like posted to WilliamsT@natfuel.com.


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Section 2: Operationally Available Capacity


Available Capacity is subject to change with

each new nomination cycle and changes in

weather or unexpected operational changes.

For up-to-the-minute capacity information,

please contact our T&E Department:

Phone: (716) 827-2385
Email: NFGSCscheduling@natfuel.com


Operationally Available Capacity Table (by Point)

This table provides available capacity information for every point on our system. Scheduled primary, secondary, and interruptible volumes are also listed.


Explanation of On-System Delivery Capacity:


1. The Northern system includes on-system Points north of Concord - Including National Fuel Gas Distribution City Gate Points. North On-system deliveries can increase the effective scheduled flows through Concord.


2. The Southern system includes on-system Points south of Concord and east of Costello.


3. The Western system includes on-system Points south of Lewis Run and west of Costello. West On-system deliveries can increase the effective scheduled flows through Lewis Run and Costello.

Excess Storage Injection/Withdrawal 3-Day Outlook Table (by Point)

While the 3-Day Outlook Table is a good resource for point-specific injection and withdrawal data, please keep in mind that the information posted in the table may not reflect our system's immediate excess injection and withdrawal capabilities. Note that during the winter, excess injection and withdrawal capacity is day-to-day.


Section 3: System Operations & Maintenance

Critical Notices


CRITICAL NOTICE EMAIL UPDATES - If you would like to automatically receive an email as critical notices are posted to the Informational Postings area of our website, please email WilliamsT@natfuel.com from the address wishing to be added to this service, with 'Critical Notice' as the subject 


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Section 4: Interruptible Service Opportunities


Interruptible Park and Loan Services:
If you need to park or borrow gas, consider using our Interruptible Storage Service (ISS) or Interruptible Advance Service (IAS). If we have excess injection availability, the 3-Day Outlook table will show you injection capacity from specific points over the next three days.

Discounts on Interruptible Services:
To help our customers take advantage of market opportunities, we will consider discounting our interruptible services (IT, ISS, IAS). Please complete an Interruptible Services Discount Request Form, justifying your request, and either email or fax it to our Daily Capacity Desk at 716.857.7310.

Interruptible Services Calculator:

To better understand how these interruptible services could possibly fit your needs, please feel welcome to use the attached worksheets to model the costs associated with each of these opportunities.  These worksheets are to be used only as a guide, but can help illustrate how these services can be used in conjunction with one another, and the facets of each that can be discounted to assess the unit rate impact of a discount request.

  • IAS/IT

  • ISS/IT

  • IT                                                                   

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Section 6: E-mail Subscriptions to this Narrative


You may opt to receive a link to each day's Daily Capacity Narrative via e-mail.

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