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(814) 871-8200 (PA)
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Service Line Installation – For Business

No matter what type of business you’re in, you need energy! Whether your business is planning new construction, retrofitting a current design or addressing environmental concerns, natural gas continues to be your best energy value. Dependable and efficient natural gas provides operational savings, environmental superiority and system flexibility that can help your business achieve its goals.

Processing Your Application

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A business owner or a designated company representative is the only person authorized to complete an application for gas service. The following information must be provided with the application in order for National Fuel to begin processing it

  • Specific equipment information, including whether existing equipment is being replaced by new gas-fired equipment.
  • A site plan, property survey, or drawing which identifies the location of the facility and the desired site for the meter(s).

Mail or Fax

Please mail or fax the completed application at least 6-8 weeks prior to your need for service to the New Services Department at National Fuel. Processing of applications that require a main line extension may need considerable lead-time in order to obtain rights-of-way and municipal approvals. Please be sure the application is complete. If information is missing on the application, your installation may be delayed. If you need any assistance in completing the form, please call us at the telephone number listed below.

New York


National Fuel
New Services Department
365 Mineral Springs Road #3
Buffalo, N.Y. 14210
National Fuel
New Services Department
225 Wayne Street
Erie, Pa. 16507
Buffalo Area: (716) 827-2343
Outside the Buffalo area:
Erie Area: (814) 871-8301
Outside the Erie area:
Fax: (716) 827-2322 Fax: (814) 871-8312

Prior to Installation

A National Fuel representative will visit your facility to determine gas main location, evaluate the work required and calculate the costs for the installation. You will be notified of the cost (by phone or letter), which will vary depending on the facilities required, the distance from existing lines and your anticipated annual natural gas needs.

All installation costs must be paid prior to installation and any physical obstacles must be removed from the proposed service line path.

You are responsible to identify any underground facilities located on your property, such as electrical lines, telephone lines, cable lines, plumbing, etc. In New York, please call Dig Safely New York at 1-800-962-7962. In Pennsylvania, the One-Call System can be reached at 1-800-242-1776.

We will make every effort to install your service by your requested date. However, gas emergencies and severe weather conditions are examples of unavoidable circumstances that could cause an unexpected delay.

After Installation

While National Fuel will fill the trench, you are responsible for restoring and compacting the surface area of the trench on your property. National Fuel is responsible for these activities in cases where public rights-of-ways are affected. Before National Fuel activates your meter/gas account, you must be sure that the following have been addressed

  • Interior gas piping is in place.
  • The business owner must apply for a billing account. Instructions for this will be mailed with the invoice for the service line installation.