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Notice of Open Season 196
OS196 Firm Transportation Capacity from TGP at East Aurora to TransCanada at Niagara


POSTED: 7/31/2014
- 8/13/2014
No bids were received. Capacity remains available on a post-open season basis. Please contact your marketing representative for details.

National Fuel Gas Supply Corporation          


OS196 – Firm Transportation Capacity

from TGP at East Aurora  to TransCanada at Niagara


National Fuel Gas Supply Corporation (“National”) is pleased to announce the commencement of an Open Season for annual and seasonal firm transportation capacity with deliveries to TransCanada at Niagara under National’s Firm Transportation (“FT”) rate schedule.



OFFERING #1: 38,189 Dth/dayAnnual, with primary term limitations.


OFFERING #2: 31,192 Dth/day – Winter Only (of which, 27,589 has no primary term limitations).


Annual capacity offered in this open season is available immediately.  Winter only capacity is available November 1, 2014.


The capacity under Offering #1 is available for a primary term of up to nineteen (19) months.  Any transportation contract tendered in this Open Season having a primary term of 12 months or greater will contain standard evergreen language.  That is, the service agreement shall provide for an annual evergreen period in conjunction with a 6-month notification provision.  However, the capacity under Offering #1 is subject to the rights of another Niagara Spur Loop Line joint owner, and may be recalled by such owner, with no less than 19 months notice (“Capacity Recall”).  Should a Capacity Recall occur, National will issue a transportation contract termination notice at the next available contract notification date.  The contract holder will then have the option to exercise its ROFR rights.  However, in accordance with National’s tariff (General Terms and Conditions - Section 35) such ROFR rights will be limited to a term consistent with the effective date of the Capacity Recall (i.e. 19 months).  These same term limitations are present for 3,603 Dth/day of the Winter Only capacity as part of Offering #2.


This Open Season commences Thursday, July 31st, 2014 and will end at 11:00 a.m. (Eastern Time) on Wednesday, August 13th, 2014. 




Point Name

Meter Number

All Offerings



Tennessee – East Aurora




TransCanada Pipelines – Niagara






Transportation service will be provided under National’s FT rate schedule.  The applicable tariff FT maximum rates are shown in the table below.



FT Rate Component

Maximum Rate

Monthly Reservation Charge

$3.7805 per Dth/day

Commodity Charge

$0.0135 per Dth

FERC ACA Commodity Surcharge

$0.0012 per Dth

Fuel and Company Use/LAUF


100% Load Factor Rate

$0.1378 per Dth

* Current retention rate; subject to change under National’s true-up mechanism.



Requests under each Offering will be awarded separately.


For Offering #1 and 3,603 Dth/day from Offering #2, National will accept requests for a term of service of up to nineteen (19) months. 


Requests for rate discounts will not be considered.  The maximum tariff FT rates above shall be applicable in the evaluation of all bids. All acceptable requests will be ranked and capacity awarded based on the highest NPV of the reservation charge revenues, per unit of capacity (Dth/day) requested.  The NPV calculation will incorporate length of contract term and will utilize a monthly rate of 0.8% (9.6% annually) for discounting purposes.  In the event that multiple shippers submit requests that are equivalent in value and term, the available capacity shall be prorated to those shippers based on the quantities requested.



Shippers will be required to demonstrate creditworthiness or provide a credit alternative acceptable to National.


Successful bidders will be required to execute and return a Service Agreement within 30 days of receipt. 


All Open Season requests must be submitted using a Service Request Form either by completing a Service Request Form online, or by downloading the PDF version from our website and submitting the completed form by mail or fax to:

National Fuel Gas Supply Corporation
6363 Main Street
Williamsville, NY 14221
Fax – (716) 857-7310

Inquiries can be directed to any one of the following Marketing Representatives:

Terry Falsone               (716) 857-7602
Joe Kolis                      (716) 857-7520
Anthony Limina           (716) 857-7924


The results of this Open Season will be posted on National's web site, http://www.nationalfuelgas.com.



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