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Weather Normalization Adjustment - New York

Part of National Fuel's billing calculation in New York includes something called a Weather Normalization Adjustment (WNA, listed as “Weather Adjustment” on your bill). WNAs are common features of many natural gas utility company bills across New York State. The WNA reduces the wide swings in bills caused by colder- or warmer-than-normal weather. “Normal” temperatures are defined as the average daily temperature over a 30-year period.

During colder-than-normal periods, customers typically use more natural gas to heat their homes, making bills higher than under normal weather conditions. Also, during colder-than-normal periods, the market price of natural gas can be higher due to increased customer demand. Both of these factors can lead to significantly higher bills for customers during these colder periods. On the other hand, when the weather is warmer than normal, customers use less gas, and thus, their bills can be significantly lower. To moderate these weather-related swings, the WNA applies a credit or surcharge so that your bill reflects an amount that would be billed for natural gas delivery services under normal conditions.