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General Customer Service Info:

New York:
(716) 686-6123 (NY)
(814) 871-8200 (PA)
outside these calling areas:

Gas Emergencies:

24 hrs./day, 7 days/week

Your Gas Meter

National Fuel owns, maintains and uses its gas meters to measure how much natural gas you use. We try to read your meter every other month. A National Fuel representative will visit your home on or about the scheduled date noted on your bill to perform this service. We appreciate your help in allowing us to enter your home to obtain a meter reading.

For your safety, please ask for identification. All of our service representatives carry identification cards and will gladly produce their identification if it is not immediately visible. Once you've confirmed that the representative is from National Fuel, please let him or her inside to read the meter. If you are not sure that the identification is valid or have any questions, please call us at 1-800-365-3234. If you feel that there may be a problem, please call your local police.

If you do not have access to the gas meter, please call us to let us know whom to contact so access to the meter can be arranged.

Safety Notice

The service that National Fuel provides makes it necessary for our representatives to visit customers' homes and businesses every day.

Please take note of how you can help prevent your dog from injuring one of our workers:
  • Relocate your dog. When a National Fuel meter reader or customer service representative comes to your home, keep your dog(s) away from the utility representative in a separate, enclosed area.
  • Train your dog. Regardless of its size or breed, any dog can become motivated to bite. Obedience training helps dogs understand what is expected of them and builds a bond of trust between dogs and their owners.
  • No petting allowed. A dog's natural instinct is to protect its owner and/or its litter. Do not suggest that a meter reader or customer service representative pet your dog(s).
  • Watch your distance. If you keep your dog outside, please locate its lead a safe distance away from the gas meter.

You are legally responsible for your dog's actions both on and off of your premises. Please take care with handling and locating your dog(s), so our representatives can safely complete their important work.

Preventing Estimated Bills

When we are unable to obtain a meter reading on the scheduled meter read date, we will calculate your bill based on past usage, recent temperature information, and current gas prices.

As part of our efforts to better serve customers and make the process for reporting meter readings convenient and easy, we offer an automated meter reading system.

To prevent estimated bills you can read your own meter and call us with the reading. Or, upon your request, we will supply you with a schedule that is clearly marked with the next cycle of meter reading dates for your account. You then can call the designated number and report your accurate monthly meter reading into our system.

You'll be surprised at how fast and easy this process will be. Simply dial the number below and follow the simple instructions.

In the Buffalo calling area: 634-7323 (NFG-READ)

In all other areas: 1-888-634-7323 (1-888-NFG-READ)

You also have the option of managing your National Fuel account online. Click here to learn more about submitting your meter reading online, or enrolling in our online services program.

How to Read Your Meter

Reading your meter is simple. Your home will have either a dial meter or a numeric meter. Please refer to the diagram that corresponds to your meter and follow the instructions. When the pointer on the dial is between two numbers, always record the lower number. In the illustration, the first dial on the left registers 4. The second dial registers 5, the third 4 and the forth 6. So the correct reading is 4546 hundred cubic feet (ccf).

Dial Meter graphic

For Numeric meters simply record the numbers as shown. The correct reading for this meter type is also 4546 hundred cubic feet (ccf).

Numeric Meter

If you have read your meter and want to submit the reading, either call us at 1-888-634-7323 (1-888-NFG-READ), or submit your meter reading online. Click here to learn more about submitting your meter reading online, or enrolling in our online services program.

Request A Meter Reading Schedule

To request a meter reading schedule, which will allow you to call and report your accurate monthly meter reading into our system, please call us. The schedule will arrive at your home shortly. Also, please remember that you have the option of submitting your meter reading online. Click here to learn more about submitting your meter reading online, or enrolling in our online services program.

Meter Safety

The following safety tips will provide you with instructions on how to care for the gas meter:

  • In the winter, please keep the area around the meter free of snow and ice and try to have a clear path to the meter for easy access.
  • Remember to use caution when shoveling, plowing or snowblowing around the meter.
  • Be careful when removing icicles from the meter and any area of your roof above the meter.
  • Call us if the meter becomes encased in ice; DO NOT try to melt or break the ice yourself.
  • Keep shrubbery away from the meter for easier access and do not lean tools against the meter.
  • Do not let children play or climb on the meter.