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Understanding Gas Costs - Pennsylvania

National Fuel purchases the natural gas that heats your home on the open market. This means that the market forces of supply and demand determine the cost of natural gas just like they do with other consumer goods. Your National Fuel bill is made up of two sections: Delivery Service Charges and Gas Supply Charges. The Delivery Service Charges portion of your bill is regulated by the Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission. These charges include the costs to maintain the pipeline network we own and operate. The Gas Supply Charges portion of your bill is the cost of the gas you purchase from National Fuel or, if you choose, from another approved natural gas supplier. For more information on alternative natural gas suppliers, click here.

It's important to understand that as a regulated utility, National Fuel cannot set, or mark up, the price of natural gas. Also National Fuel does not earn a profit on the cost of gas (Gas Supply Charges) portion of your bill. We use our purchasing power and substantial storage capacity to secure ample supplies at the best possible price. We can also help you manage your bills with energy-saving tips, payment assistance (including LIHEAP and Neighbor for Neighbor) and payment options that are available to you.

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