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(716) 686-6123 (NY)
(814) 871-8200 (PA)
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Special Needs - New York

Our representatives act as a link between our customers and National Fuel and keep customers informed of the services and programs available from both the company and community agencies. Our representatives will provide you with names of social service agencies for energy and weatherization assistance, and can help determine your eligibility for various public programs. Special National Fuel programs are also available for customers with extreme financial hardships.

Special Programs For Special Needs

Customers with hearing or speech difficulties can communicate with us on electronic display (TTY or teletypewriter) by dialing
7-1-1. You may also call 1-800-662-1220 if you live in New York. You will need to provide the relay operator with the telephone number you wish to call.

For the visually impaired, we can send bills and bill inserts in large type or braille and some of our brochures may be requested in braille. National Fuel will send a representative to supply large numbered or braille thermostats at no cost when the need is verified.

National Fuel subscribes to a translation service that allows us to talk to our non-English speaking customers. Ask for “Language Line” any time, in person or by phone. A three-way conversation with a translator is involved.

Our Extra Security Plan is for eligible customers who are retired or permanently disabled. It offers an extra measure of security for uninterrupted gas service. It includes coordinating bill due dates to coincide with the arrival of income checks to allow for timely payment.

Elderly, Blind or Disabled Payment Troubled Residential Assistance
This special program is designed to assist payment-troubled customers who are at least 62 years of age, blind or disabled. Program features include a lower monthly gas rate, debt forgiveness, emergency heating equipment repair or replacement, and conservation measures depending upon individual circumstances. Enrollment is limited.

Special Protections
National Fuel offers special protections for New York customers who reside in households where all residents are age 62 or older, 18 or younger, blind or disabled. If you or anyone you know-- parents, friends, neighbors-- fit this description, please call us at 1-800-365-3234. Our representatives will review the special protections program, as well as other assistance that may be available.

Third Party Notification

For peace of mind, you can designate a third party to be notified in case you forget to pay your gas bills. You could choose a relative, friend, clergyman, or government agency. The designated third party is not responsible for paying your bill.

Hospitalized Customer Assistance Plan

The last thing you need to worry about when you're in the hospital is the due date on any bill. If you're anticipating a hospital stay of ten days or more, call us and we'll tell you how to extend the due date of your gas bill by thirty days. If you're permanently disabled or retired, you may request an extra measure of security for uninterrupted gas service by coordinating bill due dates to coincide with the arrival of your pension or Social Security checks.

Assistance Referrals

If National Fuel is unable to resolve your payment problems, we'll find community services that may assist you. Our representatives can work together with social service agencies to help you determine if you're eligible for various public programs.
Special company programs are also available for customers with extreme financial hardships.

Low Income Customer Affordability Assistance Program (LICAAP)

If you meet the eligibility requirements, you can receive discounts of up to 70% off of the regular residential rate determined by household income and size. You can also receive matching debt forgiveness for timely bill payments up to 24 months. Call 1-800-365-3234 for more information.

If You're Out of Work

National Fuel representatives offer advice on programs and assistance available to customers who are unemployed or expecting a layoff. Please call us for more information.