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Economical, Comfortable and Environmentally Friendly

Convert Your Home To Natural Gas

Why Choose Natural Gas from National Fuel?

  • Lower Energy Costs than electric, propane or oil.  See comparison
  • Increased Comfort - Natural gas heats your home faster with greater comfort levels.
  • Better for The Environment - Natural Gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel.  Read more
  • Reliable & Abundant Supply - Most from North America, much of it from Pennsylvania.
  • Security - Many natural gas appliances will operate during a power outage.
  • Natural Gas can be used to fuel almost any indoor or outdoor appliance.  Read more...

Converting to Natural Gas Is Easy!

  1. Check for Natural Gas availability: Call 1-800-295-0059 or (716) 827-2343
  2. Compare Costs
  3. Print a copy of NFG's Conversion Guide
  4. Submit a Conversion Application
  5. Find an HVAC Contractor
  6. Explore NFG and NYSERDA incentives

Contact Us: National Fuel's New Services Department at 1-800-295-0059 or (716) 827-2343.