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Natural Gas Equipment

A wide range of natural gas equipment is available to meet the needs of commercial and industrial businesses. Some equipment categories are listed below. Click on a link to learn more.

Energy Services

The Energy Services Department exists to assist large volume industrial and commercial natural gas customers. The primary focus of the Department is the customer's energy use beyond the meter. To accomplish this, the Department works through the following functional areas:

Outside Sales/Customer Service

Through the efforts of our outside sales team we are able to capture new incremental gas load. The outside sales team monitors competing threat situations in order to retain current market load.

Market Development

Through the efforts of our market development staff we are able to provide:

  • Information to customers on new innovative technologies offered in our industry to support our sales initiatives.
  • Residential marketing and professional trade support, and information on target technologies.

The Energy Services Department provides the following services for commercial and industrial customers:

Technical Assistance

The Energy Services Department will provide technical assistance for a wide range of equipment and systems. Our experts will make recommendations on equipment selection and analyze conversion costs and operating costs. Some of the technologies that can be studied are highlighted in our Natural Gas Equipment section.

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