For Business

General Customer Service Info:

(716) 686-6123 (NY)
(814) 871-8200 (PA)
outside these calling areas:

Gas Emergencies:

24 hrs./day, 7 days/week

Turn On/Turn Off Service – For Business

At National Fuel, our goal is to provide our customers with safe, reliable natural gas service. We offer several programs specially designed for non-residential customers that make it easier for companies to do business with us.

If you are requesting service at a location without pipeline service, a National Fuel field representative will visit the site to determine the location of our gas line and meter. He or she will take measurements for calculating cost, if any, for pipeline installation.

As a new non-residential customer of National Fuel, you will be required to pay a security deposit before service can be established. The amount of the security deposit is calculated by multiplying average monthly usage by two. In cases of widely varied usage, then the amount is determined by multiplying average monthly usage for peak consumption by two.

If a company is an existing customer of National Fuel a security deposit may be required if an account has been delinquent. A deposit may also be required if National Fuel has reason to believe that the account may default in the future, if the company has filed for reorganization or liquidation through bankruptcy court or if a bill rendered in the past twelve month period was obtained through the use of tampered equipment.

New accounts

Simply give us a call at least one week before your desired service date and we'll arrange a time during business hours to come to your business, get a reading, and turn on your service so we can establish your new account. You will need to know your Tax Payer ID number and a security deposit may be required. We will also let you know if any additional information or documentation is needed from you.

Discontinuing Service

If you are requesting discontinuance of service, contact us by phone at least one week before your desired service discontinuation date. We must obtain a meter reading in order to issue a final bill. You may be responsible for the gas used until we obtain a final meter reading, so please make sure we have access to the meter before the premises are vacated.