For Business

General Customer Service Info:

New York:
(716) 686-6123 (NY)
(814) 871-8200 (PA)
outside these calling areas:

Gas Emergencies:

24 hrs./day, 7 days/week

Your Gas Meter

National Fuel owns, maintains and uses its gas meters to measure how much natural gas you use. We read your meter so that we can send you a bill that reflects the actual amount of gas you use. Commercial and industrial meters are read at least once a month, but may be read more often depending on the type of transportation service we provide. If we are unable to read your meter we'll send you an estimated bill.

In an effort to make meter reading more convenient, we have several options available that can be used to submit a meter reading.

  • Phone – Simply call National Fuel’s number, 1-888-634-7323 (1-888-NFG-READ) and follow the prompts to submit your meter reading.
  • Online – You can submit a meter reading 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with our online account services. Click here.
  • Mail – Upon request, National Fuel will supply you with a meter reading schedule that is clearly marked with the next cycle of meter reading dates for your account. You then can call the designated number and report your accurate monthly meter reading into our automated meter reading system.
  • Arranged – You can call ahead of time to arrange for us to read the meter.

With proper identification and at reasonable times, we have the right to inspect and examine the meter(s), pipes, fittings and wires used to provide gas service to you.

If you do not control access to your meter, it is the responsibility of the business to inform National Fuel of that fact. If we receive a reasonable request or notice to conduct a field inspection of the equipment listed above. If we are prevented from inspecting your meter equipment, you may be subject to a fine for the occurrence and risk termination of service.

Meter Safety

The following safety tips will provide you with instructions on how to care for the gas meter:

  • In the winter, please keep the area around the meter free of snow and ice and try to have a clear path to the meter for easy access.
  • Remember to use caution when shoveling, plowing or snowblowing around the meter.
  • Be careful when removing icicles from the meter and any area of your roof above the meter.
  • Call us if the meter becomes encased in ice; DO NOT try to melt or break the ice yourself.
  • Keep shrubbery away from the meter for easier access and do not lean tools against the meter.