Questions to Ask Gas Marketers

  1. Are you a qualified supplier approved by National Fuel and the appropriate state regulatory commission?
  2. How much experience does your company have in supplying natural gas to residential customers? How many customers do you have?
  3. What are your rates and how do they compare to my current rates?
  4. Is the price that you are offering fixed, or can it go up or down during the year as gas costs change?
  5. What are my payment options?
  6. Do you have balanced billing? Direct payment from my checking or savings account? Credit card payment? Do you charge a fee for any of those services?
  7. What is the term of the contract? Will I be penalized if I seek to break the contract?
  8. What happens if I move from my current address?
  9. Does the price you've quoted include all fees and taxes? Do you assess a late payment charge?
  10. How can I be sure that my bills are accurate?
  11. Is a basic service charge assessed even if I don't use any gas?
  12. Do you offer any energy assistance programs? Can an energy assistance grant be applied to my account?
  13. Who will I call for billing questions?
  14. What happens if your company experiences financial difficulty or folds while I am under contract with you?
  15. Can you guarantee that the price I pay will be less than what I would have paid as a customer of National Fuel? Will you guarantee that I'll pay less with you than another gas marketer?
  16. What special services do you offer handicapped, elderly or payment troubled customers?
  17. Do you have a special low-income rate? Do you have a senior citizen discount rate?
  18. Do you offer discounts based on gas volume used?
  19. Do you have a small business rate?
  20. Where do you obtain your gas supplies?