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For Pennsylvania Customers: Saving Money With Natural Gas Equipment

Below is valuable information on the many ways natural gas appliances can save you money while providing the ultimate in comfort, convenience and reliability. Natural gas delivers the best energy value while providing a low-carbon environmental solution. Don't forget to check out the equipment selection guidelines and our community directories to locate contractors, builders and equipment vendors serving your area.

If you currently do not have piping for natural gas appliances, whether indoor or outdoor, it's simple to do so. Contact a licensed plumber to install the piping for you. Although there is a charge to hire a plumber, you will save money in operating costs with natural gas appliances.

Annual savings with natural gas appliances.

Natural gas conversion success story.

Indoor Gas Appliances

Home Heating

Nothing beats the clean, comfortable warmth of natural gas! High efficiency gas heating systems can be up to 97 percent efficient.

Water Heating

Natural gas water heaters provide a seemingly endless supply of hot water at a fraction of the cost of other fuel types.


Professional chefs overwhelmingly prefer natural gas cooktops and ovens. Cooking with natural gas provides instant on/off and precise temperature control.


You can dry two to three times as many clothes with a natural gas dryer for the same amount of money or less than an electric dryer.


Enjoy the warmth and ambience of a natural gas fireplace. It's easy—instant on/off, no woodpile, no insects, no smoke and no ash.

Desiccant Dehumidifiers

Natural gas-fired desiccant dehumidifiers are an economical and efficient way to improve air quality and reduce humidity levels in your home.

Garage Heaters

Make routine car maintenance or weekend projects more comfortable even during the coldest of winter months with natural gas garage heaters.

Outdoor Gas Appliances

Outdoor Living with Natural gas

Be part of one of the hottest trends for homeowners… "The Living Room Outside Your Door".

Convenience Outlets

Make your outdoor natural gas equipment even easier and more convenient to use with convenience outlets. Install a convenience outlet to the exterior wall of your home and simply "plug in" your appliance using a quick-disconnect fitting.


Enjoy the ultimate in convenience and performance with natural gas grilling. There's instant on/off, no ash and no tank to refill—all for less money than propane, charcoal or electricity.

Patio Heaters

Summer never seems to last long enough. Extend you outdoor season with natural gas patio heaters available in permanent and portable styles.

Firepits / Fireplaces

Bring the warmth and fun of a cozy natural gas fire to your outdoor living space smoke-, soot-, and ash-free!

Gaslights / Torches

Enjoy the soft, warm glow of natural gas lights. They even work when the power is out. And as an added bonus, they don't attract insects!

Pool / Spa Heaters

Extend your pool season with an efficient natural gas pool heater and save money! Gas heaters have a lower operating cost than electric or propane systems.

Natural Gas Generators

Never be left in the dark again. A natural gas generator provides reliable electricity without having to prepay or store fuel. Size it for your whole house or just critical equipment, such sa lights, refrigerators, sump pumps, storage freezers and space heating.

Building with Natural Gas

For Your Home

Natural gas is efficient, dependable and comfortable. Additionally, natural gas costs less than heating oil, propane and electricity to heat a home and to operate most appliances.

Build Green

Reduce your home's carbon footprint by choosing natural gas for your home. Natural gas is the cleanest-burning fossil fuel.


Many natural gas appliances provide increased efficiency, comfort and other advantages over electric.

Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing (CSST)

CSST is a convenient alternative to black-iron gas piping for residential and commercial applications. CSST makes it easier to convert to natural gas appliances.

Who are the appliance dealers and installers serving my area?

Who are the heating contractors serving my area?

Who are the manufacturers of gas appliances?

Choosing the right natural gas equipment for your home

A qualified contractor should work with you to ensure that any equipment you are considering is of the correct specifications to fit your needs. For example, compared with a correctly sized furnace or boiler, a unit that is incorrectly sized can put more wear on the components, waste energy and may cause the temperature to vary uncomfortably.

Choosing a contractor

When choosing a heating contractor or re-modeler, you should make sure he or she is qualified and reputable. The following guidelines can help your natural gas equipment installation run smoothly. Choose a contractor who uses industry-standard calculations to take into account climate and your home's size, design and construction to ensure correct sizing and installation. Use the following checklist for selecting a contractor or re-modeler.

Helpful checklist for selecting a contractor or re-modeler:

  • Begin by asking any friends or relatives for any recommendations
  • Request a list of references
  • Ask any potential contractor if he or she has a current and valid license
  • Contact your local Better Business Bureau to see if the contractor has a disproportionate number of unresolved complaints
  • Before any work is performed, obtain a written estimate of all work to be completed including labor and materials
  • Verify that the contractor carries proper insurance including liability and workers' compensation
  • Make sure the contractor obtains all necessary permits to perform the work