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Rates - New York

The following rate monthly summary is neither a legal document nor an offer to form a binding agreement. It does not replace or supersede the Company's tariffs. This information has been posted as a courtesy for purposes of information and convenience.

Residential Sales Service (SC-1)

This rate class is the primary service rate used by most residential customers. The charges for this service are unbundled into two primary service charges: delivery charges and natural gas supply charges. Customers under this service can choose to receive natural gas supply service from a supplier other than National Fuel. National Fuel will continue to provide gas delivery service.

Current Rates

Proposed Base Rate Increase
April 28, 2016

NYS PSC Letter

NFGDC Testimony

NFGDC Exhibits


The New York Tariff can be viewed and/or downloaded by visting the New York State Department of Public Service website. To access the website, please click here.

PENDING TARIFF P.S.C. No.9 – Gas: filed on April 28, 2016 which amends and replaces previous Tariff P.S.C. No. 8 - Gas. Pending Tariff P.S.C. No. 9-Gas was filed in conjunction with base rate case 16-G-0257.